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ግራንድ ሪሶርስ ግሩፕ ኮ. ፣ ኤል.ዲ.ዲ. በኒንግቦ ውስጥ ከነበሩት 100 ምርጥ ደረጃዎችን መያዙን ቀጥሏል

ጊዜ 2019-08-08 Hits: 2

On the afternoon of August 8, the Ningbo Enterprise Confederation, Entrepreneurs Association, and Industrial Economic Federation held the 2019 Ningbo Top 100 Enterprises Award Ceremony. Zheng Shajie, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Ningbo Municipal Party Committee, attended the ceremony. Our company was ranked sixth in Ningbo's top 100 comprehensive enterprises and ranked first in Ningbo's top 100 service companies for three consecutive years.