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What is the difference between TPE and SEBS?

July 19,2022

When it comes to TPE and SEBS, probably many people are not clear about them. According to the broad definition, SEBS is a small category of thermoplastic elastomer TPE.

So what are the specific differences between TPE and SEBS?

TPE, English full name Thermoplastic Elastomer, Chinese word meaning Thermoplastic elastomer. Contains many types of elastomers. Such as polymer resin TPEE,TPU, TPAE,SEBS, etc., and polymer blends TPE-S and TPE-V, among which TPE-S thermoplastic elastomer is the blend elastomer of polymer SEBS. In the domestic elastomer market, TPE usually refers to SEBS(SBS) blend modified TPE-S. This kind of TPE, the appearance of transparent or white particles, good color matching.

SEBS: Thermoplastic styrene-butadiene rubber (TPE) is a kind of thermoplastic elastomer. SEBS is prepared by anionic polymerization of butadiene and styrene as monomers, cyclohexane as solvent, n-butyl lithium as initiator, tetrahydrofuran as activator and silicon tetrachloride as coupling agent, and then hydrogenation with metallocene catalyst. According to the need, a terminating agent and an antioxidant are added, and then SEBS products are prepared by coagulation and post-treatment. The solvent is recycled after recovery.

Difference between TPE and SEBS

1. Hardness: TPE hardness ranges from 0 to 100 A (Shore hardness), and SEBS hardness ranges from 50 to 80 A (Shore hardness)

2. Appearance: TPE is granular, and its primary colors are natural, transparent and black. SEBS is white powder.

3. According to the broad definition, SEBS belongs to a small class of thermoplastic elastomer TPE. TPE refers to SEBS blend modified material. Because SEBS elastomer usually has high viscosity, it is difficult to be directly processed and molded. TPE thermoplastic elastomer material (TPS) was prepared by blending SEBS with plasticizing oil, reinforcing resin, compatibilizer, functional assistant, compatibilizer, etc.

4.Compared with SEBS material, the modified TPE has lower viscosity, higher plasticity, easier processing and molding, and has a wide range of adjustable hardness and physical properties, so its application field is more extensive.