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How to use TPE materials to make highly transparent products

Idő: 2021-10-27 Találatok: 135

1)The first point is that the transparency of the material itself may not be good enough. The TPE material compounding system rubber substrate, oil, resin additives and other additives will affect the transparency of the TPE material, and affect the transparency of the material itself, which will affect the subsequent products.
2)Production will also have an impact. When starting up, cleaning the barrel is also the most important thing. Impurities in the screw machine will affect the transparency of the TPE product, and even black spots and white spots will appear. Poor plasticization of the material will also cause the product to become white and impermeable.
3)TPE is a blended material. The plasticization temperature of different models is also different. We generally recommend that customers bake the material before using it. Generally transparent TPE materials The plasticizing temperature is between 130℃ and 230℃