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SSBR ragasztó, vízálló

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Definition of rubber adhesive

Rubber adhesives are made of synthetic rubber or natural rubber as the base material. At present, about 5% of global rubber production is used to prepare rubber adhesives. Rubber adhesives generally have excellent elasticity, glue at room temperature and low pressure, and have excellent glue performance for a variety of materials.

Basic application of rubber adhesive

①Rubber and rubber bonding; ②Rubber bonding to metal, plastic, leather, wood, etc.; ③Wood industry: surface sticking of wood-based panels and wood products; ④Application areas: aircraft, automobile, construction, light industry, rubber Product processing, etc.

Waterproof roll adhesive

Thermoplastic polyolefin waterproof membranes are mainly used for roofing waterproof layer of buildings, and are also used for underground waterproofing of buildings that are easily deformed. Due to their high strength, light weight, good energy saving effect, good waterproof and anti-condensation effect, etc. Advantages, has been used as high-end waterproof membrane. However, this kind of waterproof membrane is mainly composed of rubber and polyolefin, with high crystallinity, small surface tension, and poor surface adsorption capacity. Therefore, it is difficult to bond with existing adhesives.

When the existing adhesive is used to bond the thermoplastic polyolefin waterproof membrane with cement, metal and other materials, cracking and other phenomena often occur, the waterproof effect is seriously affected, and the quality of the project is seriously affected, resulting in a large number of restrictions on this type of waterproof membrane. A thermoplastic polyolefin waterproof membrane adhesive composed of the following weight percent raw materials:

Raw material                                        ratio

Neoprene rubber compound             5-25%

SBR blend                                           5-25%

C5 petroleum resin                             1-15%

C9 petroleum resin                             10-20%

Terpene phenolic resin                       5-35%

Toluene                                               15-30%

Ethyl acetate                                       10-35%

120# solvent oil                                  10-30%

Baling Petrochemical SSBR 2605

SSBR rubber products independently developed by Baling Petrochemical have formed large-scale production, mainly including SSBR 2605, 2601 and other brands. After the use and verification of the shoe material factory, it has been widely praised in the application of shoe materials.