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SEPS(Styrene Ethylene Propylene Styrene Block Copolymer)YH-4052


SEPS is formed by selective hydrogenation of styrene and isoprene copolymer. Compared with SEBS, SEPS elastomer has fast oil absorption speed, low surface viscosity after oil absorption, high hardness and tensile strength, small permanent deformation at break, and good adhesion to various polar and non-polar materials.

SEPS YH-4052 is suitable for the production of various high-resilience soft rubber toys, jelly wax, etc., and for the production of encapsulated rubber, it has a more comfortable touch and transparency.SEPS YH-4052 can be used in plastic modification, soft toys, film toughening, Jelly Candle etc.


Soft toy

Jelly Candle

Efnafræðilegir eiginleikar
Styrene wt%33
Degree of hydrogenation≥98
Harka strönd A78
Togstyrkur Mpa≥35
Toluene Solution Viscosity at 25 ℃ ,mpa.s480(10%,wt)
Main UmsóknSoft toy
Jelly Candle