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Noster comitatu donata magis quam II decies Yuan de auxilio medicinae commeatus possent pestilentia ne opus

Tempus: 2020, 02 21, hits: 2

In principio insequentis anni, cum in pestilentia ex noster comitatu est quamdiu fuerit adhaerens ad corporatum valores "quantum in caelo, amor in aliis, gratiam autem et communionis" et respondit ad eosque ordinate donations et ultra II decies Yuan in totalis.

On February 7, the 10,500 pieces of medical protective clothing purchased by our company from Australia were in place, of which 6,500 pieces were rushed to the front line of Hubei anti-epidemic through the Hubei Provincial Charity Federation: Fangcang Hospital, Huazhong University of Science and Technology Affiliated Union Hospital and other related hospitals in Hubei Province In addition, 4000 pieces were donated through Ningbo Charity Federation to Ningbo Huamei Hospital of Chinese Academy of Sciences University, Ningbo First Hospital and other hospitals and units