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Sebs (Acta Styrene Etileno butylene Styrene copolymer) 561T YH,


SEBS YH-561T is a grade specially developed for low-hardness elastomer products. It’s a mixture of SEBS YH-503 and YH-602 at certain proportion. Its outstanding feature is that it has a higher elastic modulus under high oil filling rate, and its elastic recovery is better than other grades. Under the same oil filling rate, the surface of the products produced by SEBS YH-561T is more dry, non-sticky, high in hardness. It is mainly used for soft toys, vibration-damping sheets


soft toys, vibration-damping sheets

Grade561T YH,
Libri polymerMixed
S / B Content%33 / 67
Tensile vires Mpa≥ CCC%6.5
Ain fortitudo Ensile Mpa26.5
Set permanens%20
Duritiam litore quondam80
Et XXV% ad XXV ℃ Toluene Solutio in Viscosity, mpa.s1200
Application pelagusAdhesives coating dignissim Asphalt immutatio cable / Status Compoundng Sealants