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Почему происходит распаковка при использовании термоклея для запечатывания коробки?

Время: 2020-07-27 Хиты : 5

Hot-melt adhesive machines are widely used in the packaging industry, including hot-melt adhesive box sealing machines, hot-melt adhesive box sealing machines, etc., all of which are packaging applications, which realize automatic spraying and automatic bonding to complete the packaging. But sometimes there will be unpacking, which will cause damage to the product during transportation.

There are probably the following reasons:

1: The operating temperature of the hot melt adhesive machine is too high or too low, the optimal bonding temperature of the hot melt adhesive is not reached, and the operating temperature needs to be adjusted in time.

2: The pressure of the laminating machine is not enough and there is no sticking. Adjust the pressure of the laminating machine.

3: It may be that the amount of glue applied by the hot melt adhesive machine is not enough. You can increase the amount of glue and replace the large-aperture nozzle.

4: The carton material is not compatible with hot melt adhesive, so you need to choose the right hot melt adhesive.

5: The viscosity of the hot melt adhesive may not be enough, which is not suitable for carton packaging, and the hot melt adhesive needs to be replaced.

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