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ايس اي پي ايس (اسٽئرين ايٿلين پروپائلي اسٽيرين بلاڪ ڪوپوليمر) YH-4051


SEPS is formed by selective hydrogenation of styrene and isoprene copolymer. Compared with SEBS, SEPS elastomer has fast oil absorption speed, low surface viscosity after oil absorption, high hardness and tensile strength, small permanent deformation at break, and good adhesion to various polar and non-polar materials.

SEBS YH-4051 could be used in medical products, soft rubber toys, window grilles, TPE granulation, halogen-free flame retardant cable coating materials


ڪيبل ڪوٽنگ مادو

طبي شيون

فوڊ پيڪنگنگ بيگز

ڪيميائي خاصيتون
Styrene wt%30
Degree of hydrogenation≥98
سختي واريون اي76
Tensile Strength Mpa≥32
Toluene Solution Viscosity at 25 ℃ ,mpa.s400(15%,wt)
مين ائپليڪيشنڪيبل ڪوٽنگ مادو
طبي شيون
فوڊ پيڪنگنگ بيگز