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SINOPEC 4051 le Kuraray's 4033 bakeng sa teko ea ho bapisa

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Recipe one
4051: 0.5
10#: 0.5
Recipe two
4051: 0.5
10#: 1.5
Recipe three
4033: 0.5
Recipe four
4033: 0.5
10#: 1.5

Through the test screw extruder (stretching machine): operating temperature 140 150 160 160 160 160 150 150

1. Observe from the appearance Formula One and Formula Three:
A. The molecular weight of 4051 is 10,000 to 20,000 lower than that of 4033, and the strength is not good enough for 4033.
B. The hardness difference is 7-10A, so the product is relatively softer
C. Transparency 4033 is blue and transparent, everyone who has used it knows that the transparency of 4051 is yellowish
D. Hand feeling, fine-grained, dry, almost equivalent to 4033

2. Formula 2 and Formula 4
The ABD introduced in 1 is different in three aspects, but the transparency is almost the same as 4033, but it is not blue and transparent, but white and transparent.

3. Formula 5
4051: 1
602T: 0.1

The product made by combining 4051 and 602T: fine-grained texture, good transparency, yellowish color, and hardness similar to 4033. The most important thing is that the strength is up, which is almost equal to 4033.

The test results of Baling Petrochemical SEPS 4051 are generally quite good, and they are worthy of respect for the market!

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