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Mga katangian ng SEBS TPE seal ring

Oras: 2021-11-23 Mga Hit: 129

1. Performance advantages: excellent elasticity, oil resistance, weathering resistance, aging resistance, flexural resistance, ozone resistance and chemical properties.

2. Processing advantages: plastic processing methods: injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, easy processing, hot welding, small tolerance, high precision, rich color.

3. Industrial progress: compared with rubber processing, the process of mixing, mixing and vulcanization has been eliminated, and energy consumption, work consumption and environmental damage have been reduced.

4. At the same time, waste can be recycled 100%, greatly reducing the processing cost of products, has become the latest material to replace traditional rubber, and is the latest environmental protection material

5. The sealing ring of the TPE material is more cost-effective than the silicone seal ring, and the waste material can be recycled and recycled 100%, which greatly saves the company cost. Compared with PVC, the rubber sealing ring material has better environmental protection and non-toxic properties, and the TPE sealing ring material is the best choice to replace silica gel, PVC, rubber and other materials.