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Ứng dụng của chất kết dính nhạy cảm với áp suất nóng chảy UV trong nhãn tự dính!

Thời gian: 2020-07-20 Lượt truy cập: 6

Adhesives used in stickers can be divided into emulsion type, water solvent type, solvent type, and hot melt type. Among them, UV curing hot melt adhesive is the latest development of hot melt adhesive type

The main components of hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive

1. Thermoplastic polymer.

Its main type is SBS (styrene-butadiene- styrene), SIS (styrene-isoprene-styrene). They have the characteristics of rubber and plastic, suitable for use as Elastomer component of pressure-sensitive adhesive.

2. Tackifying resin (solid or liquid).

Thermoplastic elastomer SBS, SIS itself has no initial tack or poor initial tack, adding tackifying resin to the formulation to make it pressure sensitive. The key to the performance of the pressure-sensitive adhesive is the viscoelasticity of the adhesive. The main function of the tackifying resin is to give the pressure-sensitive adhesive the necessary viscosity. Tackifying resins compatible with elastomer rubber mainly include rosin, rosin resin, terpene resins, etc., which impart tackiness to pressure-sensitive adhesives; tackifying resins compatible with plastics include Gumaron resin, aromatic hydrocarbon resin, PS resin Etc., can enhance the cohesion of the pressure sensitive adhesive. Only with these two properties at the same time can the initial viscosity of the pressure sensitive adhesive meet the requirements for use.

3. Plasticizer (oil or liquid resin).

4. Stabilizer/antioxidant.

5. Other additives (fillers, pigments, waxes).