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Ixesha: 2020-07-27 Indawo: 260

Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives has both the characteristics of hot-melt and pressure-sensitive. It is coated in a molten state. After cooling, a small amount of pressure can be applied to quickly bond, and easily peeled off without contaminating the surface of the adherend. Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives are mainly composed of thermoplastic elastomers (such as SBS, SIS), tackifying resins, antioxidants and fillers. SBS, SIS hydrogenation to obtain saturated thermoplastic elastomers (such as SEBS, SEPS), used to prepare hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive, can improve the pressure-sensitive adhesive's oxidation resistance, UV resistance and heat resistance, and has excellent weather resistance. SBS can also prepare solvent-based adhesives to produce high initial tack strength, high viscosity and long-term open application characteristics.

Recommended Cargo

YH-792E, YH-188E,SIS 1105 SIS 1106