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Awuyiqondi i-SEPS, qala ngeemveliso ze-SINOPEC?

Ixesha: 2021-06-04 Indawo: 137

Compared with SEBS, SEPS elastomer has fast oil absorption speed, low surface viscosity after oil absorption, high hardness and tensile strength, small permanent deformation at break, and good adhesion to various polar and non-polar materials. Because the EP end of SEPS is not crystallized, all SEPS have better low temperature performance and elongation at break.

1. Isicelo
1) SEPS YH-4051 is suitable for the production of various high resilience soft rubbers. In actual production, SEPS YH-4051 can also be used in TPE granulation, halogen-free flame-retardant cable coating materials, adhesives, asphalt/ Coating modification, blending modification, etc. It can be said that 4051 has a wide range of applications, covering many industries.

2) SEPS YH-4052 is suitable for producing all kinds of high resilience soft rubber toys, jelly wax, etc. It has more comfortable touch and transparency when used in the production of encapsulation, and SEPS YH-4052 is compatible with PP, PE, ABS, EVA It has good compatibility and can be used in plastic modification, toys, film toughening, etc.

3) In practical applications, the combination of SEPS YH-4053 and 4051 and 4052 will show different touch and adhesion, and the transparency will not change. The 4053 grade can also be used for TPE granulation and production of foamed shoe soles. The surface of the obtained product is more delicate, and the anti-slip performance and elasticity have good performance.