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Ixesha: 2020-07-06 Indawo: 233

The glue stick is a product developed in recent years. It uses electric heating to melt the glue. The glue is extruded from the nozzle to adhere the adherend. It is easy to operate and has a fast curing speed. It reaches the bonding strength after a few seconds. It has been applied to floor panel splicing, arts and crafts production, household appliances insulation and sealing, plaque decoration, speaker production, etc.

How to make hot-melt glue stick stick more firmly?

To make the hot-melt glue stick stick more firmly, in addition to the type of glue stick, the method of use is also very important. The more important ones are the following:

A. The first point: the temperature should be enough

The feel above is not much different when the glue gun is squeezed and when there is no hot melt adhesive strip installed. You can touch the plastic shell near the tip of the hot melt glue gun. If it feels hot, it means that the temperature of the hot melt glue gun is enough to heat the hot melt glue.

B. Focus two: apply a certain amount of pressure

After the hot-melt adhesive is sent to the adherend, the two pieces of material to be bonded are bonded together, and a certain pressure needs to be applied. Because after a certain pressure is applied, the melt of hot-melt adhesive can penetrate into the small gaps of the material well, and strong adhesion can be produced.

C. Key three: touch the brush with the gun head

Hot melt glue guns often produce filaments that are constantly being pulled. In fact, as long as the filament is touched with a sufficiently high temperature metal, the filament will break, that is, as long as the tip of the hot melt glue gun is finally touched by the filament pulled out.