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SEBS use and formula

Ixesha: 2021-11-23 Indawo: 204

SEBS introduction: SEBS has excellent aging resistance, which has both plasticity and high elasticity, can be used without vulcanization, and is reusable for producing high-grade elastomers, plastic modification, adhesive, lubricating oil tackifier, wire Cable filler materials and sheathers, etc.

SEBS  Usage:
1. SEBS is produced by mixing with polypropylene, cycloalkyl oil or hydrogenated cycloalkyl oil, white oil, etc., which has excellent surface texture and weather resistance. Widely used in soft contact materials such as handles, stationery, toys, sportswear handshake, seals, wire cables, toothbrushes and other coating materials.
2. SEBS is chemically modified or blended in toughannen (PA6), polycarbonate (PC), polyphenylene ether (PPO), polyester (PET, PET, PET, PE, polypropylene (PP) and plastic blending Compatible agent, etc.
3. SEBS can be used for engineered compatibilizers such as PE and PS compatible agents.
4. SEBS is blended with polypropylene, white oil, flame retardant, and the like can be used to produce wire and cable sheath or outer skin.
5. SEBS can be used to produce high-grade adhesives, sealants, and the like by coordination with carbon five petroleum resins.
6. SEBS can be used directly for lubricating oil viscosity index stabilizers due to aging properties and temperature resistance.

Shaw A0 degree jelly wax formula:
YH-502 8
5 parts of liquid paraffin
87 white oil
Antioxidant 1 part
If transparency need to be increased, could add SEPS YH-4051, and the product surface will feel more dry.