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Yintoni i-sbs yokuthintela amanzi kwi-membrane

Ixesha: 2022-05-11 Indawo: 135

Characteristics of SBS modified asphalt Modified asphalt refers to the asphalt binder made by adding rubber, resin, polymer, natural asphalt, ground rubber powder or other materials, so as to improve the performance of asphalt or asphalt mixture. SBS modifier is a block copolymer of styrene-butadiene-styrene, and it is also a thermoplastic elastomer with multiphase structure. It has the structure and properties of rubber and resin modified asphalt, and has good elasticity (deformation self-recovery and crack self-healing). When it is used in asphalt concrete, it can further improve the permanent deformation resistance, low temperature cracking resistance, fatigue cracking resistance and water damage resistance of asphalt mixture. After SBS modifier is added to the base asphalt, SBS is uniformly dispersed in the asphalt through shearing, stirring and development, and the SBS end group (polystyrene) is transformed and flows, and the intermediate group (polybutadiene) absorbs the soft asphaltene component of the asphalt, forming a sponge-like material, with its volume increasing many times and swelling rapidly. After cooling, the end group hardens again and is physically cross-linked, so that the middle group block enters into an elastic three-dimensional network, which is in a plastic flowing state at the usual processing temperature, and rubber can be formed at room temperature without vulcanization, which fully shows that SBS modified asphalt has good road performance. The content of modifier is determined by experiments according to the components of base asphalt, various modifiers and additives, and is generally controlled within 5%. Benefits of SBS Modified Asphalt 1. The area with large temperature difference has good high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance. 2. It has good rutting resistance, good elasticity and toughness. 3. Improve the anti-fatigue ability of the pavement, especially on the highway with heavy traffic and serious overload, which can reduce the permanent deformation of the pavement. 4. The bonding ability is particularly strong, which can obviously improve the tensile strength of pavement after encountering water and greatly improve the water stability of asphalt. 5. The skid resistance of pavement is improved. 6. The bearing capacity of pavement is enhanced. 7. Reduce the asphalt aging phenomenon caused by ultraviolet radiation on the pavement. 8. Reduce the damage caused by vehicle leakage of diesel, oil and gasoline.

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